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  • It’s 2016 and the future is NOW; Looking 4WRD with ETC

    Have you been itching to upgrade to LED fixtures? Can’t quite convince the Board of Directors that spending the money to upgrade will yield savings on expendables AND utilities? LEDs don’t use as much energy nor produce as much heat as incandescent fixtures. The savings on gel and cooling costs really add up. Not to mention, you won’t run out of lamps anytime soon.

    At an introductory price starting at $599, until July of 2016, this is the most cost effective LED retrofit yet. Since you are only replacing the end cap of the fixture, there is no waste, and you can always go back to the incandescent end cap for that picky designer. The swap out takes only seconds, even faster than changing a lamp in our experience.

    While the cost of the LED is roughly the same as 40 HPL’s, you will also be saving green on power consumption and man-hours. Depending on your space, you may save boatloads by not having to rent lift equipment to change out those hard to reach lamps over and over.

    You may however find that you want to spend more money to get extra fixtures! With the ability to put two fixtures per circuit, you can free up circuits to add a few new items that have been on your wish list, but you space didn’t have the power for.

    The Source 4WRD does not have the traditional DMX connector built in, but instead uses the newer RJ45 connectors to transfer the data. Don’t fret, we have a RJ45 to XLR adapter just for this occasion.

    While we could go on and on about these, but we don’t have to. In addition to creating the most exciting advancement in theatrical lighting equipment in a long time, ETC has also created this handy guide to their latest and greatest.

    Get your ETC Source 4WRD HERE!


    Don’t forget your friends at StageSpot when you’re ready to purchase the revolutionary ETC Source 4WRD. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Green Screen Fitness

    Want to get fit this spring? Want to do it in true theatrical fashion? Start your own green screen adventures with a green screen treadmill. Rosco teamed up with filmmaker Jose Mojica to show us how to Chroma Key Green our workout equipment. There are a few things you need, and then it’s all green from there.



    You will need:


    (Paintbrushes help too!)

    Here are the details as presented by Rosco. It was great to see how technology can bring people together to solve problems. Filmmaker Jose Mojica searched high and low for a ready-made green screen treadmill, until he lighted on the idea of making his own. Read the whole story over at Rosco’s awesome blog, Rosco Spectrum.

    If you like the idea, you can get all of Rosco’s products through StageSpot. Not quite sure what you are looking for? Contact anytime through the telephone, social media, email, or our website chat. StageSpot is ready to help you.

  • Windows of Imagination

    The holidays are upon us. Some of the more fascinating things about this season are the window displays that start to pop up all around in towns big and small. Every day store and business windows are used to advertise the latest and greatest. During the holidays, these windows transform into stunning showcases. Some of our favorites use everyday objects in unusual ways.



    Window display using depth to intrigue pedestrians. Photo by StageSpot

    Theatrical gel filters have been used to temporarily tint otherwise clear windows. We’ve even shown you how to do this at home here. Other ways to use gel are to use scraps of the filters as part of mixed media art projects: birds, mosaics, flowers, and even fireworks. Order a swatch book today to start the brainstorming.


    Gaffer’s tape is another favorite. A few years ago, a major clothing retailer (often worn by the First Lady) used fluorescent gaffer’s tape in a seasonal window display. It was much easier for staff to lay out the tape in the designer’s diagrams, than to cut and then tape paper. Around the office we often use the last little bit on our gaff tape rolls to decorate presents (our newspaper wrapping skills are second to none). Now, ProPocket Spike Tape Packs are pre made sets of tape that are super handy to have around. Stuff a set in your pocket or gear bag and be ready to spike up the world.


    Gaff tape window display. Photo by StageSpot

    Theatrical stage paint is great for painting backdrops in windows; the super pigmented colors shine like no other. If you’re setting up a fluorescent display,Rosco’s Vivid FX paint has some amazing colors that pop in daylight and positively glow under blacklight. If your display just needs a vibrant backdrop, the Off Broadway and Iddings Deep theatrical paint lines have every color you could possibly need. If you find you need a hue that is not ready made, mixing is very easy, even a tech student can do it. Although you should probably still supervise, paint can be messy.

    So with theatrical lighting gel, a bit of gaff tape, and some scenic paint, you will have just about everything you need to create a show stopping window display. Be sure to share your creations with StageSpot through facebook, twitter, or instagram.

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