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"What comes between males and females!"

On stage, we use lots of cables: power audio® DMX® multi® the list goes on. And, to make it longer, they can come ready made, with connectors attached; or you can buy “raw cable” and build your own. We even feature multiple connector types on one cable. StageSpot.com stocks all industry-standard cables® name brands like ProPlex, DataPlex and DuraFlex.

StageSpot.com not only supplies all types of cable and theatre supplies (yes, we know it's also spelled theater supplies); we can also custom craft any cable you can dream up. Go ahead, try and stump us! We'll make any cable to precise specs — with your chosen gauge of cable and your desired connectors.

If you require an exact length, or a breakout with six custom-length cables and different stage connectors, we can handle that; generally, we can build custom cables in one day. StageSpot.com can even add custom labeling; so at the end of the gig, you won't lose your cable (because it's got your name and number on it)!

If you don't see exactly what you want to create the connections you need, just give us a call. We'll be happy to get you whatever you are looking for.


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