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Moving Lights

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"We don't want to focus on a ladder either"

Moving lights or automated lights are versatile and multi-functional instruments designed to replace multiple stationary or conventional lights. Depending on the venue and application, automated luminaries can be a versatile and economical addition to traditional lights because, with proper programming, they can swiftly alter many aspects of their optics, changing the mood of the light very quickly. Lighting is typically pre-programmed and played back using only simple commands, although moving lights can be controlled "live" if the operator is sufficiently experienced.

The most advanced moving lights can exhibit extraordinary complex effects, most lighting technicians agree that it is closer to obedient lighting since the intelligence lies with the programmer of the show rather than the instruments or the lighting operator. For this reason, intelligent lighting is also known simply as automated lighting or what we like to call them moving lights.

Moving lights come in many varieties, but mainly fit into two categories, moving head and moving mirror. Moving head type lights are lights where the entire fixture is mounted on a series of motors that allow the fixtures to pan and tilt, independently and at the same time. Moving mirror or scanner type fixtures are lights where the fixture itself does not move but instead there is a mirror attached to a pivot point that moves the beam once the light hits it. Moving head lights typically have a greater turning and greater tilt radius. While moving mirror or scanner lights take up less room, require less power, and have a faster pan and tilt speed. StageSpot carries many of these type of lights from industry leaders including: Martin, High-End, and Robe. The world of automated lighting can be confusing, but well worth the research time. Getting the right fixture can make your production have that “Wow” factor. StageSpot will be happy to work with you to decide the best lighting fixture for you.

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