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The scenic category is a very large one. StageSpot strives to provide our customers with a wide variety of scenic products. We carry the complete line and varieties of scenic paint and flame proofing materials, from the entertainment industries leading manufacture. For the film industry, we have paint that is chroma key matched for blue screen and green screen type applications. Not only does StageSpot sell the paint, but we have the paint brushes as well. These brushes have been made with meticulous attention to all the components — all natural bristles, ferrules (the metal band that holds the bristles) and handles.

In addition to the numerous lines of paint and brushes StageSpot carries, we also have all of the stage hardware you could need. We have scenic hardware ranging from wagon brakes to , loose pin hinges to span-sets, and everything in between! Make sure you check out our Scenic Coatings, they are great tools for the scenic artist belt, they include Crystal Gel, Foamcoat, Flexcoat, and more. StageSpot has stage props as well - a very popular one is 

We are continually adding to our product catalog and will be happy to help you figure out what type of scenic elements we may have that would help you complete your project. Our staff here at StageSpot looks forward to helping you make your production the best it can be. We are your friends in the entertainment business!

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Theatre Supplies, Paint Coatings Theatre Supplies, Set Hardware
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