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Special FX

Special Effects, theater supplies, theatre supplies

"It's way more than just smoke and mirrors"

Illusions used in the film, television and entertainment industries to simulate imagined events in a story are traditionally called special effects (a.k.a. SFX or SPFX). If you're hoping to add that extra something to your show, you've come to the right place.

StageSpot's theatrical lighting and special-effects pros have the equipment and technical expertise to help you create whatever effects you can imagine. We stock everything you need for underwater scenes, flying scenes, dream sequences... even whatever you need to create your own weather (thunderstorms, snow... that kind of thing). Our theatre supplies include strobe lights, smoke machines, haze machines, bubble machines, custom gobos and gobo rotators, confetti cannons, black lights, color gels and pyro equipment... and that's just for starters. StageSpot also carries the other stage lighting equipment and theater supplies you need - even things as basic as gaff tape.

If you don't see what you need to create the special effect you're envisioning, just give us a call. We can make it so the audience at your next show walks away saying, "Wow, that was incredible!" and "How did they do that?"

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