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Tape & Tie Line

Tape and Tieline

Pro-gaffers Tape & Tieline

"Universal fix-it stuff!"

If it sticks, ties or binds, you'll find it here. Trust us: we've got a monstrous selection of Pro-gaff tape, electrical tape, glow tape, friction tape, spilke tape, duct tape, console tape, marley tape... we've got so much tape, we even amaze ourselves! It's like a tape exhibition in here or something!

We carry a wide range of Pro-gaff tape, including the cloth-backed spike tape is a 1/2-inch gaffers tape with an exceptional range of colors, to satisfy all your color-coding needs.

If that isn’t what you’re looking for, check out our wide console tape that accepts virtually every ink, for clear marking. Or maybe our electrical tape (that comes in a variety of colors) will meet your needs. Besides providing superior electrical insulation, this tape is more UV resistant than many other tapes and really stands the test of time.

Does size matter? Just in case, we’ve got you covered. Our stock of gaff tape comes in sizes 1/2-inch all the way to 4” width in a rainbow of colors - including neon. Our gaffer’s cloth spike tape is the perfect width at ½”. You’ll also find 1" and 3/4" wide console tape, or ¾” electrical tape, if that’s what you’re needing. Don’t forget the tie line available in 1/8" width, black and white, glazed or unglazed — in 600' and 3,000' spool sizes.

Not what you’re looking for? Don’t go away yet. StageSpot, LLC also carries a variety of specialty tapes and theatre supplies (or theater supplies if you prefer that spelling) to suit your every need.

We're pretty sure if we don't have it, you don't need it. But, in the odd instance you don't find what you're seeking, please call. Feel free to say, "I proved you wrong!" We won't mind. We'll get what you need, and we'll be sure it's in stock next time you need it.

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