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Stage Tools

Stage Tools, theater supplies, theatre supplies

“When you can't fix it with gaff-tape and tie line”

We have hand tools for your nuts, testers for your cable, DMX testers for your spotty DMX and Telrad spotting scopes for your spot ops — so your next head shot won't be on the scenery. If you need the newest and greatest wrench for focus (like the Ultimate Tool) or if you're looking to quicken your hang time with a speed wrench, we've got it covered. Not sure your DMX signal is working? We stock lots of testing tools. StageSpot.com also has tools to check your circuits and lamps and even tools to make (and repair) your own cam-lok connections. How's that for handy?

After all, “theatre supplies” (or theater supplies, if you prefer that spelling; hey, we're flexible!) doesn't just encompass what's used onstage.

If for some reason you can't find what you're looking for, give us a call and we'll order it for just for you. Not because we have to, you understand but because we love you. That's the StageSpot way. We're “your friend in the entertainment business!”

Theatre Supplies, Hand Tools Theatre Supplies, DMX Tools
Theatre Supplies, Cable Testers Theatre Supplies, Telrad
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